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Electrical Calculator software download

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Electrical Calculator

  • Publisher:V PUGAZHENTHI
  • License:
  • Homepager:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/electrical-calculator/id495478153
  • File Size:1.6 MB
  • Version:1.4
  • Operation System:-

Electrical Calculator in Description Software Download

39 Incomparable Electrical Calculators with Formula & Multiple Units. Automatic Calculation with Unit Conversion. Professionally designed User-Interface with Accurate Calculation.Electrical Calculator List:(39)1.Voltage Calculator 2.Current Calculator 3.Resistance Calculator 4.Power Calculator 5.Single Phase Power Calculator6.Three Phase Power Calculator7.Single Phase Current Calculator8.Three Phase Current Calculator9.DC Horse Power10.Single Phase Horse Power11.Three Phase Horse Power12.DC Current (HP)Calculator13.Single Phase Current (HP) Calculator14.Three Phase Current (HP) Calculator15.Efficiency (DC) Calculator16.Efficiency (Single Phase) Calculator17.Efficiency (Three Phase) Calculator18.Power Factor (Single Phase) Calculator19.Power Factor (Three Phase) Calculator20.Luminous Intensity Calculator21.Luminous Flux Calculator22.Solid Angle Calculator23.Energy Cost Calculator24.Energy Storage (Resistance) Calculator25.Energy Storage (Inductance) Calculator26.Energy Storage (Capacitance) Calculator27.Star to Delta Conversion28.Delta to Star Conversion29.Inductive Reactance Calculator30.Capacitive Reactance Calculator31.Resonant Frequency Calculator32.Inductor Sizing Equation33.Capacitor Sizing Equation34.Resistance (Series) Calculator35.Resistance (Parallel) Calculator36.Inductance (Series) Calculator37.Inductance (Parallel) Calculator38.Capacitance (Series) Calculator39.Capacitance (Parallel) CalculatorKey Features:Calculation is done when user makes 1.Changes in Input values.2.Changes in units of Input values.3.Changes in units of Output values.

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